Thursday, January 10, 2013

She likes to jump


she jumps off the cliff and screams all the way. Looks like Wonder Woman.. Video more than wonderful girl jump in the sea with courage,And scream with her ​​friends.. You can do it ؟؟؟
watch video: She likes to jump

and write comment . You can do it ?
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Sultana Huyam Mary Ozirle harem champion Sultan, accompanied by her real lover

Turkish star Mary seen Ozirle which embodies the role of the Sultan “Hayam” in the series Harem Sultan, accompanied by her boyfriend, “Jean” hand-in-hand and are going out of a restaurant after dinner for four full hours even though their relationship began a short time ago.

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Monday, January 7, 2013

US drone attack killed at least 10 suspected militants in Pakistan

BBC — A US drone attack has killed at least 10 suspected militants in Pakistan's north-western tribal area of South Waziristan, Pakistani officials say.
Missiles reportedly hit three compounds believed to be hideouts of the Pakistani Taliban early on Sunday.
According to Pakistani intelligence officials quoted by AP, two important commanders of the Pakistani Taliban may be among the dead.
Last week, senior commander Mullah Nazir was killed in a similar strike.
He was the leader of one of four major militant factions in Pakistan and was accused of sending fighters to Afghanistan in support of the Taliban.
He was killed along with some of his fighters near South Waziristan's ma in town of Wana as he was preparing to change vehicles.
Drone attacks are a continuing point of contention between the US and the Pakistani government, which says they kill civilians and violate its sovereignty.

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Kate Middleton offers Baby Hamper charity after announcing pregnancy

Kate Middleton hasn't had an easy pregnancy, but she knows other parents have it far worse. And as a mother-to-be herself, she wants to help.
After announcing on Dec. 3 that she and husband Prince William, both 30, were expecting their first child, the Duchess quietly reached out to East Anglia's Children's Hospices (EACH), a charity that offers assistance for the loved ones of young people with serious, life-threatening diseases. (Her Royal Highness became a patron of the organization in January 2011.)
PHOTOS: Royal pregnancies
Despite being hospitalized at the time with hyperemesis gravidarum — a rare condition that can cause severe morning sickness, weight loss, dehydration, and fainting — Middleton managed to donate a baby hamper for EACH's annual charity auction. According to the foundation's website, EACH needs to raise more than 5.75 million pounds in public donations to deliver its services.
“EACH is invaluable to hundreds of families. In the past year there has been an unprecedented amount of care and support delivered to children and young people with life-threatening illnesses, and their families,” the mom-to-be says in a statement on the auction's page online.
PHOTOS: Kate's childhood album
“I have been fortunate enough to meet some of those who have been supported by EACH, and seen firsthand the positive impact this organization has on their lives,” she continues. “For both families accessing care, and those who have been bereaved, EACH is a lifeline at an unimaginably difficult time.”
The pregnant Duchess has her own lifelines in her husband and in the couple's families, who supported her through her recent illness and hospitalization.
PHOTOS: Will and Kate's first year of marriage
Since returning home in early December, the first-time mom-to-be has been taking it relatively easy. On Christmas day, she and William skipped Queen Elizabeth's annual gathering at Sandringham in favor of a more low-key celebration with Middleton's parents and siblings in Bucklebury. They later joined the royal family for the traditional Boxing Day festivities on Dec. 26.

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How to encourage your teenager to stop lying to you

He told me he was taking a walk to the convenience store and my neighbor spots him smoking weed with some friends!” ,exclaimed Ben, about his fifteen year old son, James. “I just don't get it, he lies about his grades at school, who his friends are, and lies about completing his homework. I thought we rasied him to be honest but I honestly feel like I have failed.”
As expressed by this frustrated father, lying children and teens can drive us nuts-if we allow them to. The best you can do as a parent is keep yourself from overreacting to your child's lies. If you overreact, then you are just building a bigger barrier between you and your child feeling safe to open up to you. This can also fuel further lying behaviors.
The “truth” is that often pre-teens and teens will shade the truth or downright lie. It is best as parents not to take the lies personally. This is not easy but if you step back and stay mindful that kids can lie for different reasons, this realization alone may help you stay calm. Preteens and teens can lie to try to avoid getting in trouble, defend a friend they like, or lie because they are too upset to talk about painful experiences, like rejection from peers.
One child in my practice concocted a story about burying a gun in the woods that was supposedly obtained from a “gang” he belonged to. Turns out the story was a hoax but his under lying feelings of inadequacy were a serious matter. In this example, the child lied to make himself seem more powerful to others, calm himself from feeling invisible and lonely, and because he lacked social and problem-solving skills.
It's important to be cognizant of the difference between lies that cover up for risky behaviors including drug use as opposed to smaller, every day lies. Lying that results in, or covers for, unsafe or illegal behavior must be addressed directly. Instead of getting hung up if your teen is showing remorse, and yes, I realize that this is important, remember that being responsive is paramount. When the lying is about dangerous behaviors, involving drug or alcohol use, stealing, or other risky activities, seek guidance from a qualified mental health professional in your local community.

Four Strategies to Help Your Teen Resist Lying:
1) Try to keep in mind that kids can be quite self-absorbed (can't we also be as adults too?) and they often don't understand how hurtful lies can be. Calmly discuss versus lecture about honesty and dishonesty, and why they chose to lie. Do not use a judgmental tone, as it just usually fuels the “See I can't tell my parents anything” reflex from preteens and teens. You may not be able to stop your teen from creating those every day lies, but you can convey that there are other options available.
2) I suggest that you think of yourself as an “emotion coach” versus over the top disciplinarian out to show who is boss. Talk about how telling the truth can feel scary and how we can all feel scared and that it's okay. Share how calming down and solving problems are the keys for a successful life. Relate how lies can give the tempting illusion of calm and avoiding problems (e.g. homework not completed) but in the long run lies just create stress and emotional chaos.
3) If you feel that your child is making lies a “go to” way to cope then acknowledge this observation.Talk about the problems they face as a consequence of lying but don't use shaming tones as you speak. Join with your child about his fears. For example, does he believe that saying something dishonest helps him fit in?
4) Remember, above all, to help your child see her value. I often remind my own children and my clients about KYV (Know Your Value). In fact, I wrote a past blog on this very topic. For example, if your child is exaggerating a story, you might ask, “What you were telling me really held my interest, but then it seemed like you started to add things to it that weren't true. That got in the way of seeing how you really are becoming so mature. Can you tell me why you decided to do that?”
Keep in mind that addressing lying behaviors is a process versus a quick fix. Some kids may take a while before they feel safe to level with you. But if you keep your own emotional reactivity and judgmental responses at bay, your child or teen is more likely to eventually open up. While in the short term you may just get a shrug, keeping yourself calm will your help your voice of truth and reason be heard.
Dr. Jeffrey Bernstein is a psychologist, personal, and executive coach, and motivational speaker in the greater Philadelphia area. He has been on the Today Show, Radio, and has written four popular books, including 10 Days to a Less Defiant Child
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Acer Liquid Gallant Duo review ” features – battery – memory – display “

Acer Liquid Gallant Duo Features
Please note: This is the EU version of the Acer Liquid Gallant Duo, supplied with an EU plug and a UK AC adapter. The warranty is EU wide and valid.
Not only is the Acer Liquid Gallant Duo an excellent android smartphone at an affordable price, but it is also a dual SIM phone. Running Ice Cream Sandwich with 1GB of RAM and a 1GHz processor purring under the bonnet, it offers a smooth user experience in a portable design (less than 1cm thick and weighing 145g). As a dual SIM phone it's convenient and can even save you money.
Don't want a business phone plus a normal phone? Switch between SIMS to adapt your Liquid Gallant for your requirements. Travelling abroad? Simply pack an extra SIM and pay local call rates in your destination country. Sharing your phone? Easily alternate between SIMS to change your number and phone settings.
Other features include the vivid 4.3 inch HD display, decent 5 mega-pixel camera for taking snaps and recording video as well as a hearty 4GB of internal storage. If you manage to get use the 4GB, there is an expandable memory slot for up to 32GB of extra memory. It has good connectivity too with Bluetooth (3.0), Wi-Fi and micro-USB port (2.0).
In a “Ceramic White” finish, the Liquid Gallant is a smart choice of phone.
Features you'll love:
Dual SIM – convenient and can save you money
Ice Cream Sandwich on board – Android 4.0.4
Silky smooth performance – 1GHz processor and 1GB of RAM
Big bold display – 4.3 inch, high resolution (540×960), high pixel density (256ppi)
Plenty of storage – 4GB internally, up to 32GB expandable
Affordable and portable – under 1cm thick and 145g
Manufacturer's description:
The Liquid Gallant Duo, sport a 4.3-inches display with a qHD resolution, offering a clear and detailed rendering of every image and text on screen. The unique design, that makes the Liquid Gallant (Duo) so comfortable to hold in your hand, is further enhanced by the power button placed on the back of the phone, so that lighting the screen when you slide it out of your pocket has never been more convenient.
Indeed the Liquid Gallants combine powerful processors and plenty of memory to enjoy an exceptional browsing experience. They run Android ICS 4.0.4 for a smooth and user-friendly performance. As usual, Acer has improved the user experience, adding cool touches such as the convenient unlock screen, the improved notification area, the famous Swype keyboard and more.
The 5 MP rear camera with LED flash deliver advanced features for an extraordinary experience. Taking a one-time shot in a circular path you'll be able to capture a 2.5D view of your beloved. With automatic smile detection, you'll never miss a person smiling. You can take pictures with higher contrast and rich of details and easily assemble them into a single panoramic photo. What's more you can set the focus point where you want simply by touching anywhere on the viewfinder.
Shipping Weight: 0.51kg
Technical Details
CPU speed: 1GHz, MTK 6575
Platform: Android Ice Cream Sandwich
Network: HSPA/WCDMA 900/2100 MHz / Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz / (Band frequency, HSPA availability, and data speed are operator dependent)
Dual SIM
Memory: Internal phone storage: 4GB / RAM: 1GB / microSD slot (up to 32GB)
Display: 4.3-inch touch screen with qHD resolution
GPS: Internal GPS antenna
Sensors: Accelerometer, Digital compass, Proximity sensor, Ambient light sensor
Connectivity: Bluetooth® 3.0 + EDR / Wi-Fi®: IEEE 802.11b/g/n / 3.5 mm stereo audio jack / Standard micro-USB
Camera: 5 megapixel camera, LED flash
Battery: Li-ion battery 1500 mAh
Weight: 145 grams with battery
Dimensions: (LxWxT): 129 x 65,9 x 9,9 mm
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Thursday, January 3, 2013

The largest living organism was discovered

 watch and tell sobhan allah and hopes the greatness of God, the largest creature on earth .. this tree in this video : The largest living organism was discovered
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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Taylor Swift celebrates New Year’s Eve with her brother Austinin in New York City

She might be completely smitten at the moment but even Taylor Swift needs some down time.
The country music singer was seen heading out for dinner with her brother Austin on New Year's Eve in New York City.
Taylor, 23, was seen walking to a restaurant to enjoy a festive meal with her sibling without famous boyfriend Harry Styles.
The You Belong With Me singer wrapped up warm for the solo dinner date and looked very stylish as she made her way through the city streets.
She wore a thick brown coat that she teamed with a pair of flat black shoes and a dainty suede handbag.
While the beautiful blonde was busy having some family time, it wasn't long until she was reunited with her One Direction boyfriend.

Later in the evening Taylor changed into a pair of leather trousers and a sparkly red jacket as she took to the stage in Times Square to perform for millions of viewers and her man.
She sang her hit songs I Knew You Were Trouble and We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.
'So excited to be in New York playing on @OfficialNYRE! It all starts at 8pm ET on ABC. Can’t. even. verbalize. how stoked I am for 2013!' Taylor tweeted.

There are 13′s EVERYWHERE. This is PERFECT,' she added later, referring to her lucky number.
As the clock struck midnight Swift and Styles rang in the new year by sharing a very public kiss under the bright lights of Times Square.
Harry, who had jetted to New York just days before to ring in the New Year with his girlfriend, couldn't resist giving her a passionate smooch as crowds of people swarmed around them.
Despite spending the first part of their evening separately, the young singers proved just how serious they now are by meeting up in time for midnight and locking lips as the ball dropped.
Harry had been at Jay-Z and Coldplay‘s New Year’s Eve Concert at the Barclays Center but rushed back to Manhattan to watch his girlfriend perform, just in time.

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Happy new year : Nicole Kidman welcoms 2013 in her native Australia

As they sipped champagne, nibbled on canapes and enjoyed the world's most luxurious resorts, it was nice to see Hollywood celebrities sparing a thought for their fans.
Giving an insight into how to enjoy a fabulous New Year's, stars like Nicole Kidman and Sofia Vegera shared snaps of their celebrations.
Nicole was amongst the first to mark the New Year, in her native Australia.

And as she watched the sectacular fireworks display from a front row seat on her balcony, she tweeted: 'Happy New Year love from Sydney. -Nic xx'
She wasn't the only one celebrating down under, with Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon joining the party.
'Happy new year from Australia!!!!' tweeted Mariah, with a picture of herself in a sparkling silver headband, embracing her grinning husband.

Dancing With The Stars' Melissa Rycroft shared a photo of herself and her husband Tye Strickland, apparently naked, wearing celebratory hats.
'WOOHOO!! Happy New Year's Eve!!! Soo excited to celebrate with my favorite people!! Be safe and have a Happy New Year!! ' she said.
Enjoying a more sedate evening was Sofia Vergara, who celebrated the end of 2012 in Miami, where she posted a picture of herself at an upscale Italian restaurant.
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Drinking coffee is not healthy before snow shoveling

(UPI) — As with any physical activity, the body must warm up so ease into snow shoveling, try not to do it all at once and take breaks, a U.S. cardiologist says.
Dr. Charles Davidson, clinical chief of cardiology at Northwestern Memorial Hospital and medical director at Northwestern's Bluhm Cardiovascular Institute, said before snow shoveling eat a small meal to provide a source of energy.
However, digestion puts strain on the heart, so eating a large meal before any physical activity should be avoided. Additionally, alcohol and caffeine should also be avoided just prior to shoveling, Davidson said.
The body needs hydration, even in cold weather. When shoveling snow, take frequent breaks and drink water regularly to prevent dehydration, Davidson advised.
“Don't pick up too much: Large loads of snow can be heavy and place strain on the heart, back and neck,” Davidson said in a statement. “Push, instead of lift, and use a small shovel, which encourages smaller loads of snow.”
Cold temperatures reduce circulation to the body's extremities so wear weather-appropriate, layered clothing and gloves to maintain body temperature and circulation, Davidson said.

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Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris wedding

Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris are on their way to happily ever after!
The Playboy founder, 86, and his model girlfriend, 26, tied the knot in an intimate ceremony on New Year's Eve at the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles, a mansion source tells Us Weekly.
Originally announcing her engagement to Hefner in December 2010, Harris called off her first wedding in June 2011 just days before the ceremony.
PHOTOS: Broken celebrity engagements
One year later, Harris confirmed via Twitter that she had reconciled with her ex. The couple cemented their plans to walk down the aisle once more in early December when they obtained a marriage license in Beverly Hills and Harris proudly debuted her new engagement ring. (She auctioned off her first ring — worth an estimated $90,000! — at NYC auction house Christie's in October 2011.)
PHOTOS: Stunning star weddings
Taking special care to keep her second ceremony private, Harris — who recently opened her own lingerie store, Femme Fatale, in Studio City, Calif. — says her renewed bond with Hefner is solid.
PHOTOS: 2012's sexiest celebrity kisses
“When the wedding didn't work out the first time, it was because of me. I needed to explore out there and take the time away [from Hef and the Mansion]. The time away really helped make me realize that where I'm meant to be is here with Hef,” Harris tells Us Weekly. “Our relationship is better than it ever has been before. I'm very happy and Hef's very happy and we're excited.”
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Singer Toni Braxton Hospitalized for complications from lupus

Toni Braxton is recovering after being hospitalized for complications from lupus.
The 45-year-old Grammy-winning singer headed to Twitter Friday to tell fans about her health status, saying she would be returning home soon.
Toni Braxton can't unbreak her financial history, foreclosed home on the auction block
“Hey guys, I'm in the hospital for health issues related to Lupus & Blood clots, I will be home soon…Thanks for all the love&support! Xoxo,” the Grammy winning singer wrote.
Although Braxton hasn't been released yet, her rep told E! News,”Her doctors expect her to do just fine and recover completely. It is just a side effect of living with lupus.”
The “Unbreak My Heart” crooner first revealed she was battling the potentially deadly autoimmune disease in 2010.
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Google launches updated maps for a variety of European regions and countries

Google has released updated maps for a variety of European regions and countries as part of the “Ground Truth” project, which launched in 2008. This is part of Google’s goal to provide high-quality maps that are as accurate as possible, ensuring that people “get exactly the information they need.” This brings the total number of maps built via Ground Truth to 40.
Ground Truth builds maps by gathering high-quality map information from what Google refers to as authoritative sources from various places globally. The gathered data is processed by algorithms with supplemental data, such as Street View and satellite views, added. There is also an element of human input, which helps ensure that the resulting map contains information that is as close to what the actual location presents as possible.
The new maps cover Spain, Andorra, Bulgaria, Gibraltar, Hungary, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia, and Slovakia. Google offers a few examples of the changes provided by the new maps, such as the addition of a 70 kilometer part of the Bulgarian Trakiya motorway, something that was added after the previous maps were made available. The changes aren’t limited to roads, however.
The updated maps also include walking paths, park boundaries, campuses, ferry lines, and more. As another example provided by Google, the updated maps for Spain include detailed walking paths of the Royal Botanical Gardens. Of course, there is bound to be the occasional bought of wrong info on a map. If you find some, Google encourages you to report it via instructions on its “Report a Problem” page so that it can be corrected.
the Source
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Depression associated with impairment and dementia

(UPI) — Depression in the elderly was associated with prevalent mild cognitive impairment and an increased risk of dementia, Dutch researchers say.
Dr. Edo Richard of the University of Amsterdam and colleagues evaluated the association of late-life depression with mild cognitive impairment and dementia in a group of 2,160 community-dwelling U.S. Medicare recipients.
“We found that depression was related to a higher risk of prevalent mild cognitive impairment and dementia, incident dementia, and progression from prevalent mild cognitive impairment to dementia, but not to incident mild cognitive impairment,” Richard said in a statement.
Baseline depression was associated with prevalent mild cognitive impairment and dementia, while baseline depression was associated with an increased risk of incident dementia, but not with incident mild cognitive impairment.
Patients with mild cognitive impairment and co-existing depression at baseline also had a higher risk of progression to dementia, especially vascular dementia, but not Alzheimer disease, the study said.
“Our finding that depression was associated cross sectionally with both mild cognitive impairment and dementia and longitudinally only with dementia suggests that depression develops with the transition from normal cognition to dementia,” the authors concluded.
The findings were published Online First by Archives of Neurology.
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Disadvantages of sleeping with your phone

Do you sleep with your cell phone? If so, you’re not alone. More than 40% of adult Americans do, according the Pew Center’s Internet and American Life Project. Also 76 percent of 2,254 respondents say they have experienced “phantom rings,” checking their phones even when they don’t ring or vibrate.
Sam Chapman reports having experienced phantom vibrations. He often read and sent emails in the middle of the night. He slept poorly and awakened tired. He says he was addicted to his smartphone. Realizing that this was a problem probably shared by others, Chapman, head of Empower Public Relations, recently adopted a policy for his company: no smartphones for his employees from 6 at night until 6 the next morning and no smartphone use for business on weekends. By disconnecting for at least a short while workplace productivity is up, he reports.
As is becoming increasing clear, there is a price to be paid for being constantly connected and always in touch. I think back to when I lived with my wife and two children in Kenya for four months, on a hillside not far from Lake Victoria, when the world seemed never closer—and never further away. The neighborhood abounded with all things human: passion and jealousy, marriage and death, births, births, always more births, friendships and religious antagonisms, cooperation and crime.
But there was also quiet enough to hear birds sing in the trees and cows low on farms. There was time enough to think and follow my own thoughts.
This was the time before computers, cell phones and, at my place, electricity. The nearest telephone was two valleys away. I read no newspapers and once a week bought a news magazine. I kept abreast of events on my battery-powered radio. We eagerly waited for letters from home that arrived about once a week.
Being disconnected wasn’t easy at first. But just as distance runners talk about breaking through the wall, there came a time when we settled in and boredom disappeared. There was a profound sense of just being.
That which had seemed vital to know about immediately while in the United States could wait. The important things, I realized, were those matters nearest at hand. Learning about disasters, the state of the economy, and political events could wait.
Breathlessness wasn't a constant companion, anxiety wasn't related to missing the latest message. I learned that emergencies are rare events.
Being part of the world shouldn't be a persistent burden but rather a source of power. The lure of the Internet, immediate and constant contact with others can be more than a distraction; it can be an addiction.
I tell this to myself every morning as I read two newspapers; I tell myself this during the day as I check my emails, and I remind myself throughout the day and evening I plug into the news.
But the news before going to bed? We need lullabies before sleep, not horror stories. As for sleeping with the phone? No addiction is helpful.

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Hillary Scott is pregnant expecting with her husband Chris Tyrrell their first child together

Lady Antebellum's Hillary Scott and her husband is ">Chr is Tyrrell are expecting their first child together, the Lady A songstress tweeted Friday.
“ is ">Chr is & I are excited to announce that our Christmas gift has arrived a little early th is year! We are having a BABY!” she wrote. “We feel so blessed!!!”
Scott, 26, tied the knot with her drummer beau on January 7, just before sunset in a romantic ceremony in upstate New York.
Tyrrell, who serves as the lead drummer of country music trio Love and Theft, first met the “Need You Now” singer during Tim McGraw's Southern Voice Tour in 2010. Tyrrell popped the question over Fourth of July weekend in 2011.

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Kim Kardashian Pregnant expecting her first child with boyfriend Kanye West

Kim Kardashian has something to look forward to in 2013: the birth of her first child!
The E! reality star is three months pregnant with boyfriend Kanye West's child, Us Weekly has confirmed. The musician announced their baby news while performing at Revel in Atlantic City, New Jersey, Dec. 30. The “Heard Em' Say” rapper told the crowd to “stop the music and make noise for my baby mama,” referring to his girlfriend, who was in the audience.
PHOTOS: Why Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are the perfect match
This will be the first child for both Kim, 32, and West, 35, who began dating in the spring of 2012. They two had been friends for several years, though both were in relationships at the time. ( Kim is still married to NBA player Kris Humphries; she filed for divorce in October 2011.)
VIDEO: Kanye West makes Kim Kardashian throw out all her clothes
Shortly after West shared the news with fans Dec. 30, Kim's family members expressed their happiness via Twitter. “Been wanting to shout from the rooftops with joy and now I can! Anot her angel to welcome to our family,” tweeted Kourtney Kardashian, mom to son Mason and daughter Penelope ( with partner Scott Disick). “Overwhelmed with excitement!”
PHOTOS: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West pack on the PDA
Tweeted Khloe Kardashian-Odom, “Keeping secrets is hard with so many family members! Especially when you are so freaking excited! Love is everything!” The X Factor co-host's husband, Lamar Odom, added, “I'm excited for Kanye and my sister! There's nothing like bringing life into this world! Let's keep God's blessings coming!”
PHOTOS: Kim Kardashian's family photo album
Kim spoke candidly about her desire to have West's children during a September appearance on The View. “At the space that I am in life now, kids are definitely something I want,” she said. “I think I wanted that before. I think I fell in love so quickly and wanted that to be my life so badly but I just didn't take the time to find someone.”
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Samsung Series 3 Chromebook 303 – 11.6 review ” features – screen – battery “

The Samsung Chromebook is an ultraportable, sleek laptop for everyday adventures. It weighs less than 2.5 pounds and offers more than 6.5 hours of battery so you can take it wherever you go.
Best of Chrome OS : The Samsung Chromebook runs Chrome OS, which means it has Google apps built-in, it’s easy to share, and stays update to date automatically.
Expanded Wi-Fi : It has dual Wi-Fi to make it easier to connect to wireless networks.
11.6’’ (1366×768) display
0.8 inches thin – 2.5 lbs / 1.1 kg
Over 6.5 hours of battery 1
Samsung Exynos 5 Dual Processor
100 GB Google Drive Cloud Storage2 with Solid State Drive
Built-in dual band Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n
VGA Camera
1x USB 3.0, 1x USB 2.0
Bluetooth 3.0™ Compatible
Shipping Weight: 2.30kg
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Google Nexus 10 Review ” features – display – screen – battery – memory “

Oh Nexus, it’s one of those familiar brand names in the industry that seemingly conjures up cutting edge devices meant to showcase the very best of the best in the Android sphere. This past summer alone, we were introduced to one game changing tablet in the Google Nexus 7 that redefined what it meant to be a budget friendly device. Stepping its games even further, Google is expanding its presence into the fuller tablet segment, which means that the competition will really need to take notice.
Apple surely surprised many people by introducing two new iPads just in time for the busy holiday season, one being a slightly upgraded fourth-generation 9.7-inch model, but it’s Google who seems to be getting the last word. In addition to announcing the fourth incarnation of the Nexus branded smartphone, Google also went forward to unveil its brand spanking new 10-inch Nexus tablet – the aptly named Google Nexus 10. With Samsung commissioned to manufacture this newest Nexus, combined with some unbelievable hardware specs for a $400 tablet, it’s going to be one all-out battle this crucial holiday season.

The package contains:
microUSB cable
Wall charger
Quick Start Guide
Warranty Guide
Constrained to fit within a budget, the Google Nexus 10’s design mirrors what we see out of the Nexus 7 already – meaning, it has a very modest appearance. Sure, it’s made by Samsung, but interestingly enough, it doesn’t look or feel like a Samsung-made tablet. Call it a sigh of relief, but we’re digging the direction of this tablet’s design, though, we wouldn’t necessarily say it’s the most attractive or sturdiest thing we’ve come across. Yes, it’s something that requires two-handed operation most of the time, especially considering it’s a handful using with one hand, since the uniform almost 1-inch bezel around the screen makes the tablet look bigger than it should.
However, we like how it maintains one clean appearance, thanks primarily to its gunmetal colored soft touch casing, which exhibits that distinctive rubbery feel in the hand. We’re glad to know it’s extremely svelte (0.35” thin) and lightweight (21.27 oz) – similar to some of its main rivals.
There are no capacitive buttons on this bad boy, of course. Instead, the only items we see on the front panel of the Nexus 10 are the pulsating LED notification light beneath its screen, and the front-facing 1.3-megapixel camera above its display, which can shoot video in 720p.
On the top edge of the tablet, its dedicated power button and volume control are positioned next to one another. Thankfully, they’re raised and exhibit springy responses, but when holding in portrait, we have to remember to move the placement of our hand to the middle area of the tablet to ensure there are no accidental presses.
Along the left trim, we spot its 3.5mm headset jack and microUSB port for charging/data connectivity – while on the right, the only item there is the microHDMI port. Unlike the Nexus 4, which relies on a relatively unknown Slimport socket for video-out, we’re ecstatic to know that Samsung and Google opted to employ a traditional microHDMI port for easier video-out functionality with the Nexus 10. Somewhat of an unfamiliar sighting from everything else, the tablet’s proprietary docking pins are located on the tablet’s bottom side, which are meant to accommodate whatever future accessories they’ll come out with.
Lastly, the 5-megapixel auto-focus camera with LED flash is perched directly along the top-middle section of the rear casing – surrounded by its dotted patterned casing. Interestingly, there’s a notch towards the right side of the patterned surface that enables us to pry it off – revealing spots that are potentially placeholders for SIM cards, or possibly once microSD slots.
Getting the last laugh before we call it quits for the year, the Nexus 10 shoves everything else we’ve seen in the past aside, as it gloriously features one sharp looking 10.05-inch True RGB Real Stripe PLS display. For those wondering, its resolution is actually better than 1080p – it’s at a mind blowing 2560 x 1600 resolution to be specific, which conjures up an amazing pixel density of 300 ppi! No doubt our eyes are livid about looking at this immaculate looking display, since it flaunts details like no other tablet before it. Everything seemingly pops with superior clarity and sharpness that’s unmatched at this point!
Color-wise, there’s a dab of saturation evident with the display, which no doubt goes nicely with its warmer color tones. Throw in its superb viewing angles and mighty strong brightness output, the Nexus 10’s display is easily visible in outdoor conditions with the sun bearing down upon us. So yeah, there’s no arguing this is the cream of the crop in terms of tablet displays at this very moment! Needless to say, we have to give some kudos to Google and Samsung for their effort, even more knowing that this is a $400 tablet we’re dealing with!
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Archos G10 101 review ” features – battery – screen – memory “

The new definition of tablet – Thanks to patented construction tech, the ARCHOS 101 XS combines strength and elegance.
The 5 point capacitive touch screen in the ARCHOS 101 XS uses MVA technology for the deepest blacks, better colors and greater contrast as well as super wide viewing angles. Your media will always look its best on this 1280 x 800 pixel screen.
ARCHOS continues to push the technological boundaries with the new and innovative Coverboard, a unique keyboard conceived for each tablet model. All the tablets come with an ultra-thin magnetic Coverboard to protect, dock and type.
The ARCHOS 101 XS has all standard ports: a Mini-HDMI out to connect to an HDTV, a Micro-USB for charging that you can also convert* into a full USB host port and a Micro-SD slot that can accept cards up to 64 GB.
Play anything, share wirelessly – The ARCHOS Media Center means that there’s amazing codec and format support in specially designed apps made for sharing your media.
ARCHOS XS series tablets run Android™ 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich that will be upgradable to 4.1, Jelly Bean, and, as always on an ARCHOS, Android is pure and un-skinned so there are no software overlays to slow-down or get in the way of your Android experience.
ARCHOS Gen10 tablets include full access to Google Play. With over 600 000 apps and games, Google Play has the content for you.
Shipping Weight: 3.17kg
Technical Details
Operating System: Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich
Processor & Chipset: ARM CORTEXTM smart multi-core A9 @ 1.5GHz
Memory: Flash Memory: 16GB + microSD Slot (SDXC compatible up to 64GB) / RAM: 1GB
Display: 10.1’’ (1280 x 800)
Special Features : G-sensor / Compass / Built-in speaker/ Built-in Microphone
Webcam : 720p front camera with 720p encoding
Networking : Built-in GPS / Bluetooth 4.0 / WiFi (802.11 b/g/n)
Connectivity : USB host / microSD / mini HDMI out
Battery: Up to 8 hours
Dimensions: 273 x 170 x 8 mm
Weight: 600 g
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HP Pavilion DM1 review ” features – battery – screen – memory “

Take it with you. We dare you. For ultra-mobility at an accessible price, look no further. The HP Pavilion dm1 packs a powerful punch of stylish mobile computing. Grab it and go – a starting weight of 3.5lb (1.6kg) and up to 9.5 hours of battery life keeps you mobile. The dm1-43000sa notebook PC comes fully loaded an AMD Dual-Core E2-1800 processor, Microsoft Windows 8 64-bit and a whole array of software and features that lets you get more from your PC, so it really does tick every box. With an attractive Ash Black, it can match any style.
With a generous 4GB memory and 500GB (SATA) hard drives (5400 rpm), you can multi-task without any unnecessary waiting. Plus with a powerful AMD processor you’ll find everyday computing fast and hassle-free, with all the power you need to complete more tasks at once.
The dura-coat keyboard with touchpad is both comfortable and smart with Multi-Touch gesture technology, simply pinch, tap or scroll with your fingertips. With one-touch action keys you can be right where you want to be with just the touch of a button, so you can get straight to work without waiting for your notebook to start up.
If you’re working on the go, you’ll find staying in touch easy, with an integrated HP TrueVision webcsm with activity LED and digital microphone you can always talk to friends and family wherever you go.
Feature's you'll love:
Windows 8 – the latest operating system from Microsoft
Work on the go – up to 9.5 hour battery life, weighs 1.5kg
Sharp movies and photos – 11.6 inch HD BrightView LED backlit display
Pump out your music – Beats Audio on board, dual speakers
Description :
Processor Manufacturer AMD Dual-Core E2-1800 APU with Radeon HD7340 Discrete-Class Graphics, 1.7 GHz, 1 MB L2 cache
Hard Drive Capacity 500 GB SATA 5400rpm
Screen Size 29.4 cm (11.6″) HD BrightView LED-backlit
Standard Memory 4GB – DDR3
Chipset Model AMD A68M FCH
Mobile entertainment HP TrueVision HD Webcam with activity LED and integrated single digital microphone
Communication Integrated 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet LAN, 802.11b/g/n; Bluetooth Digital media card reader
Sound Beats Audio™ with 2 speakers and audio playback
Operating System Genuine Windows® 8 (64-bit)
I/O Ports 1 VGA; 1 HDMI; 1 headphone-out; 1 microphone-in; 2 USB 2.0; 1 USB 3.0; 1 RJ45
Video AMD Radeon HD 7340 Discrete-Class (up to 384 MB)
Video resolution max 1366 x 768
Power 65W AC power adapter, 6-cell Li-Ion
Dimensions 29.2 x 21.5 x 3.2 cm, Packed: 42.5 x 8 x 26 cm
Weight (g) Approx. 1600g
Product color Ahs Black
Standard Warranty 1 Year
Shipping Weight: 1.60kg
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Acer CloudMobile review ” features – screen – camera – memory “

Acer CloudMobile™ S500 brings everything together for a premium smartphone experience. Your multimedia and documents are ready everywhere with AcerCloud; advanced camera features spice up your photography; and amazing sound optimizes all your communications. The recipient of numerous design awards, CloudMobile™ S500 is cool-looking and comfortable to hold.
CloudMobile™ S500 has been honored with a number of awards, including the iF Design Award 2012, Computex Best Design 2012, and Computex Design & Innovation 2012. The 4.3″ HD screen boasts a 1280×720 pixels definition, and Zero Air Gap technology minimizes light reflection, making on screen images super clear. Feel CloudMobile™ S500 in your hand: The soft curves and pleasing textures are irresistible.
The CloudMobile™ S500 camera offers sterling features. Take beautiful shots in low light, in panorama style, and even in hyper-real HDR. Zero shutter lag lets you capture perfect moments, and continuous auto-focus grabs action sequences. Video recording is also top notch with sharp 1080p quality, continuous focus, live snapshot and live zoom.
Shipping Weight: 0.50kg
Technical Details
Platform: Android Ice Cream Sandwich
CPU speed: 1.5GHz Dual Core Snapdragon 8260A Processor
Display: 4.3-inch IPS display with HD resolution 1280×720 pixels
Network: DC-HSDPA 42mbps 900/1900/2100MHz / EDGE/GPRS 850/900/1800/1900MHz / (Band frequency, HSPA availability, and data speed are operator dependent)
Memory: Internal phone storage: 8GB / RAM: 1GB / microSD slot (up to 32GB)
Camera: 8 Megapixel Auto Focus Camera with LED Flash / Front VGA camera / Full HD recording
Connectivity: Bluetooth® 3.0 / Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n / 3.5 mm stereo audio jack / micro-USB / NFC

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LG Spectrum 2 Review ” features – battery – memory – screen – display “


With the Holiday Season fast approaching, Verizon has introduced the new LG Spectrum 2, which is a follow-up to the original LG Spectrum that was released earlier this year. This time around, the device is more in line to compete with other mid-level smartphones, as it comes running Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich and features a 4.7” 720p display, a Qualcomm 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor with 1GB of RAM, and an 8MP rear camera. But what makes the LG Spectrum 2 most attractive is its reasonable price, coming in at $100 with a 2-year contract.
Included in the retail package is the LG Spectrum 2 VS930 smartphone, 2150mAh battery, two NFC Tags, wall charger with detachable microUSB cable, and user guides.
Calling on elements of the LG Optimus line, the LG Spectrum 2 is a bit more refined than the original Spectrum phone, though it looks like the “monolith” from 2001 A Space Odyssey. Despite this, the Spectrum 2 feels solid and well made (almost brick-like), with black on the front and back being framed by chrome accents around the edges. We welcome the textured soft-touch battery cover on the rear, as it provides a firm grip.
The front of the Spectrum 2 is mostly occupied by the display, above it is a 1.3MP camera, and below it are four capacitive buttons with blue LED backlight. Around the sides we find the microUSB port, 3.5mm headset jack, as well as the volume and power/lock buttons – which have a distinctive feel to them since they are raised from the surrounding edges. While on back is the 8MP autofocus camera with LED Flash. The microSD memory card slot and SIM slot are hidden by the battery cover.
 Built into the battery cover is NFC (near field communication) and wireless inductive charging. To make use of the NFC, the Spectrum 2 includes two LG Tag+ stickers, one for the car and one for the office. The car tag will active the Google Maps app on the phone, while the office tag will place the phone in vibrate mode and turn on Bluetooth. But in order to use the wireless charging, you have to purchase the wireless pad separately, which still requires a wall outlet connection.
One nice improvement with the LG Spectrum 2 is that it is using a larger 4.7” True HD IPS display, up from 4.5” on the original model. It comes with a 1280×720 pixel resolution, and uses the more favorable RGB arrangement instead of PenTile. Overall, the True HD display on the Spectrum 2 is sharp and crisp, with text and images having fine detailed edges, and color accuracy is spot-on, though not as eye-catching as AMOLED displays.
We’re also pleased by the brightness of the display, using LED backlighting, which makes it plenty bright enough to view in sunny conditions. However, it is unfortunate that the display suffers from poor viewing angles; as when not viewed from the dead center, there is noticeable loss in contract and color saturation.

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Sony Xperia SL Review ” features – battery – screen – memory “

Sony did with the Xperia SL what it did with the Xperia arc and arc S last year – a new version with more colors, newer Android version, and souped-up processor speed. The only notable difference between the specs of the Xperia S and the SL, is that the dual-core Snapdragon S3 processor went up from 1.5GHz to 1.7GHz.
Other than that, ICS and the few fun new colors, like the pink SL unit we have here, it carries the same 12MP camera with Exmor R sensor, and is shipping with the same generous 32GB of internal memory, as the Xperia S. Is there anything new in the performance aspect? Read on to find out…
In the box:
Wall charger
microUSB cable
Warranty and information leaflets
Sony in-ear headset
The phone looks like a boxy slab, and weighs more than usual for a 4.3-incher, yet when picked provides a firm grip precisely because of the sharp edges. It still offers the slightly curved back of the former Xperias for added grip comfort, but its matte plastic is a bit slippery, so the phone not being overly thin as some other anorexic handsets helps to grip it tight. The boxy phone has this rugged good looks, which the girly pink version we got tries to balance out.
Sony has gone with the narrower but more elongated design that first appeared in the Xperia arc, and which we very much appreciate, as it allows your thumb to reach more places on the screen. Even if your hands are not as large, you’ll still be able to navigate fairly comfortably the interface with one hand, compared to other big- screen phones that come wider.
Speaking of one-handed operation, the Xperia S offers good weight distribution, not most of it concentrated in the upper part around the camera module, as is so often the case. Thus we weren’t worried that it might tip over when we push it up a bit to press the three capacitive Android buttons under the display.
We had a ho-hum experience with these buttons – the transparent strip that is a trademark of Xperia's NXT design line lights up with the Android navigation symbols like a back arrow or home, but the keys are three teeny-tiny dots above the respective icon lit up in the strip, and are very easy to miss. You have to tap precisely on the miniature dot, and they are not very responsive to boot, making us tap two or three times to register an action very often.
There is no arguing that the transparent illuminated strip is a thing of beauty, though, and the contrast with the edgy black slab when it lights up leaves a very futuristic impression, which Sony has been aiming for with the “Iconic Identity” design. The firm says that this strip, which also houses the antenna parts for improved reception, is meant to emphasize the screen part above it.
Looking around the sides we barely notice any buttons and ports, we notice the microUSB and microHDMI ports covered with protective flaps in the chassis paint too. The flaps are a bit hard to pry open, especially if you are the nail-biting type, and even harder to push back in, but they should break in with time.
The volume rocker and the two-stage camera key on the right, as well as the lock/power button at the top are painted silver, distinct to find and tactile. The rocker in the middle of the right side, however, sits too low, and tends to get operated with the thumb joint instead of the tip.
We have a 4.3” HD display with 720×1280 pixels of resolution on the Xperia SL, the same one we have on the S; we have 342 ppi pixel density, one of the highest of all HD mobile screens, since most others are bigger. We get crisp small text, no icon jaggies, and readability even for zoomed-out websites.
The LCD screen is bright, with popping colors, but the horizontal viewing angles degrade the image more than they should on a high-end screen. Sony has included its Mobile BRAVIA engine that boosts colors and contrast while watching media, which can be turned off. Brightness and screen reflectance are decent, so outside visibility will only be an issue if the sun shines directly onto it. The touch layer is very responsive and registers even the slightest finger tap.
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Microsoft Surface RT Review ” features – memory – screen – display “

Microsoft, as we know for a long time now, has always had a formidable presence in the computing space. Even now, they still command a sizable piece of the pie, but as we’ve seen, there is a stark shift in what people are using on a daily basis for their computing needs. A few years ago, everyone seemed intent on riding the wave surrounding netbooks, but as we’ve witnessed, it was short lived. Ultimately, Apple redefined the entire computing spectrum with the introduction with the iPad – and of course, the rest was history. Continuing to dominate the scene, consumers quickly realized the advantages that tablets have to offer over traditional laptops. And for a while there, Microsoft sat content in pushing forward with its usual computing platform offerings.
Thankfully, they too quickly realized how tablets are increasingly outpacing laptops – as they prove to have that killer combination of pricing and mobility to attract consumers. Interestingly, rather than following the same routine of just solely building its own tablet platform from the ground up, the Redmond based company is relying on itself to produce its own device as well – much like what we’ve seen with the Xbox and Microsoft Zune (and the Kin phones). Enter the Microsoft Surface, a sleek and ultra-modern looking tablet that’s gunning to make a charge in the competitive tablet market. More importantly, however, is whether Microsoft is able to soundly capture the embodiment of a highly usable tablet platform with Windows RT. Naturally, there’s a lot at stake riding on the back of the Surface – both from a hardware and software perspective.
The package contains:
AC wall charger
Touch Cover (sold separately or as part of a bundle)
From afar, the Microsoft Surface looks like any other slate out there sporting one cookie cutter industrial design, but once it’s in our hands, we soon realize that there was a lot of love placed into it. Indeed, it’s not the skinniest (0.37” thin) or most compact tablet out there, but it has all of the required elements to make it an attention grabber against most other things out there on the market. For starters, its tapered edges help to give it a distinctive look of its own – while its magnesium composite chassis, which is a material that Microsoft calls “VaporMg,” comfortably adds a sense of strength and durability to its construction. Fortunately, the Surface manages to maintain a clean façade, as it does a good job of repelling dirt and debris from dirtying its uniform looks.
In addition to that, there’s a reasonable amount of weight (24 oz/680 grams) to instill in us that it’s one solidly made thing. Compared to some of the other venerable tablets on the market, the Surface’s design is right up there and in the same league as the iPad and Asus Transformer Infinity Pad, but we’re most humbled that Microsoft is able to distinguish its offering enough to give it a defined look that’s attractive in many fronts. Taking into account that it’s not too often we find Microsoft helming the design process, we’re undeniably impressed that they’re able to execute it unequivocally so well with this.
By default, Microsoft has made it so that the Surface is primarily held in landscape, and with that in mind, there’s a capacitive Start button below the screen, which merely brings us back to the Start Screen. Above the display, we find its 1-megapixel front facing camera, which has the ability to shoot HD videos too. Nearby, there’s also an LED light that turns on to indicate that the front camera is in use – nothing more than that.
Along the top edge of the tablet, we’re presented with its slightly raised & springy power button and two small notches that initially appear as being part of its speakers, but rather, they’re actually microphones. As for the speakers themselves, they’re located on the upper sections of its left and right trims. To the left, though, we find the volume control and 3.5mm headset jack – while on the right, there’s a full sized USB 2.0 port to connect a variety of accessories and peripherals to the Surface, microHDMI port, and its proprietary magnetic power connector. Finally, the sole item spotted in the bottom trim is the proprietary magnetic accessory connector – for the optional touch covers and type covers.
Flush with the surrounding area, the Surface is packing along a 1-megapixel fixed focused rear camera, which can shoot videos in up to 800p. Just like before, an LED light sits close by, but it doesn’t do anything except to indicate that the rear camera is active.
Not something that’s normally seen with tablets, the Microsoft Surface incorporates a very useful kickstand that firmly locks into the open position. In fact, it’s strong enough to even prop the tablet in portrait – though, its primary function, in addition to giving us a hands-free video watching experience, is to allow us to properly use the tablet along with its optional Touch Cover. Lastly, discretely ticked away under the one side of the kickstand is a very handy microSD card slot.
Opting for the wide screen format with its display, the 16:9 aspect ratio of the Surface’s 10.6-inch screen makes it ideal for watching videos, which is made better with the kickstand in play. However, knowing that it’s sporting a less-than-spectacular resolution of 1366 x 768, it’s not going to be garnering much attention over the higher resolution displays used by its main rivals. Sure, we’re able to read text from a normal distance away with few nagging issues, thanks to Microsoft’s ClearType sub-pixel rendering technology, but upon closer inspection, we can actually make out individual pixels.
Although some might not fancy knowing it’s boasting a lower contrast level than other displays, it actually makes for a better reading experience thanks to reduced eye fatigue during prolonged viewing. Similar to the iPad 3, the Surface’s display emits warmer color tones, which truly shows off its vibrancy when its brightness is cranked all the way to its maximum setting. On top of that, its wide viewing angles combined with its 400-nit brightness setting helps to maintain its visibility – especially when it comes to outdoor viewing. Noteworthy to mention as well, the Surface features an optically bonded display, similar to in-cell touch technology used by the iPhone 5 and LG Optimus G most recently, allowing the screen to be closer to the surface of the display. There’s no arguing it gets the job done with most benign things, but above all, its low resolution doesn’t do justice in giving its display the sharpness it needs to polarize prying eyes.
Touch Cover:
If you haven’t noticed it already in the Microsoft Surface commercials, the secondary star attraction of the Surface is the optional Touch Cover, which retails for $120 when bought separately and is available in different colors. Acting as a smart cover on one hand, the Touch Cover firmly snaps into the Surface’s magnetic connector dock – with an audible thud sound to indicate it’s positioned correctly. And boy is the connection strong! So much so that it can hold the entire dead weight of the Surface as it’s dangling. Of course, it’s also there to protect the display when it’s closed.
Secondly, the Touch Cover provides us with a full-sized keyboard with directional keys and a trackpad. Lined with a fabric-like material, it manages to retain a very clean appearance at all times, but there’s very little distinction between buttons because of their flush appearance. Sensitivity is hit and miss in our experience, as light taps aren’t registered sometimes – resulting in firmer taps of the finger. To tell you the truth, we find ourselves more productive typing with Surface’s on- screen keyboard. Still, it feels more natural typing things up when propping the tablet on its kickstand and using the Touch Cover, as opposed to laying the Surface flat on our lap to use the on- screen keyboard. If you prefer physical responses, you might want to consider picking up the Type Cover, which is thicker in size and priced a little more at $130, but offers the tactility of real buttons.
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Collection Style 2013

Collection Style 2013 For Women

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Rihanna Paints It White

The news broke yesterday in the late afternoon via Twitter and Instagram: Chris Brown and Rihanna were canoodling at the Staples Center as the Lakers took on the Knicks in a Christmas Day nail-biter. Then came the tabloid onslaught as media outlets, reputable and otherwise, picked up on the fact that it was the first time in recent memory that the one-time couple arrived at a public event together following 2009’s assault charges and the persistent on-again, off-again rumors that followed. But no one’s talking about another interesting detail spotted courtside, namely Rihanna’s opaque white manicure. The “Stay” singer has ditched crazier nail art and pointed talons of late in favor of classic shapes and colors, making ivory polish a predictable choice, considering its huge showing on the Spring runways
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A very nice dresses style 2013

Enjoy the best in the New Year

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Wonderful video worth watching a million times

Achieves million watch clip illustrates the value of the mother even when the animals

Mother characterized by tenderness for their young, fear and preserve them and make them happy

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New Year fireworks illuminate world’s tallest building, Dubai’s Burj Khalifa

Spectacular fireworks exploded over the world's tallest building, Dubai's Burj Khalifa, in a blaze of light and color, illuminating the Gulf city state's sky as the huge expatriate and tourist hub celebrated the New Year.

Fireworks engulfed the 828-metre (2,716-foot) tower, synchronized and choreographed to a live performance by the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.

Hours before the clock struck 00:00 am in Dubai, massive crowds had gathered in the area surrounding the tower watching a spectacular light show that accompanied the Czech band's classical hits.

Fireworks also flashed across several other parts of Dubai and the capital Abu Dhabi.

At the tower, Rami, a Jordanian resident told AFP: "This is a very special event. We came to see it after all we had heard about it."

A window table for the New Year event on the 122nd floor of the building at Atmosphere -- a restaurant 422 metres (1,350 feet) up in Burj Khalifa -- cost 16,000 dirhams (4,300 dollars) per person.

Over the past few years, Dubai has been vying to become a permanent fixture on the world map of New Year celebrations, displaying spectacular shows since the opening of Burj Khalifa in 2010.

Emaar had spent 1.5 billion dollars on the tower, named after United Arab Emirates President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al-Nahayan who came to the aid of Dubai in 2009, when it was hit by the global financial crisis in 2009.

The UAE is home to around 8.2 million people, the majority of them expatriates.

Elsewhere in the world, Australia's famous harbor city brought in the New Year on a balmy summer night with a $6.9 million display curated by pop icon Kylie Minogue, who pressed the button to start the pyrotechnics.

Fireworks lit up the Thames in London, Moscow's Red Square and Kremlin and Hong Kong's Victoria Harbor, as well as central Kuala Lumpur, Taipei, Stockholm, Amsterdam and cities across China.

Revelers in New York celebrated the stroke of midnight with the traditional New Year's Eve ball drop over Times Square, where South Korean Internet and pop sensation Psy joined a host of American music stars.

Celebrations in the U.S. were overshadowed by the ever-approaching "fiscal cliff," a punishing package of government spending cuts and tax hikes due to kick in on January 1.

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