Saturday, September 28, 2013

Saad marriage secret from the small dancer called Shams and their pictures

Although the permanent exile of the popular singer Little happy marriage to dancer Shams; only that Goloy was able to get a marriage certificate which has been in secret in 2007.
He received site GOLOlY also a set of images that combine small Saad Shams, and confirm their marriage, contrary to what was lying Saad everything that was said at the time of this marriage.watch Saad marriage secret from the small dancer called Shams and their pictures
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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Britney Spears dancing with one of the dancers and move to live in Las Vegas

Dancer of dancers on the stage with brilliant singer Britney Spears was impressed by its beauty and revealed global star Britney Spears she decided to move to live in Las Vegas, for concerts Britney: Piece of Me, through Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays of each week for two years,Watched the video: a difficult position for Britney on stage!!
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An embarrassing situation for the artist Marwa during the singing

Lebanese singer Marwa known (Marwa Aqranoj) and born in 1974, appear in the New Look is very new in the picture have not passed between Web sites after. And clear pictures as a fad changed the shape and nature of the fully to wear short poetry is new for her as she always knew total long hair.Watch Dress style during the ceremony
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Dancer Dina " I'm not retired art

Performing artist denied we have published about her retirement dancing and acting, and described what silly Bcaúah wrote.And Odhartna much private and that I am associated with works of art until the end of the current year.It continued: "There is no reason for me deciding to retire, and continuing in dancing and acting.",watch Dina dancing in a night concerts.
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Kelly Brook: I would like to play the role of James Bond girl

Revealed actress Kelly Brook wanted to embody the role of the girl James Bond, was quoted «Daily Star» for Brooke as saying: «I want to be one of the girls James Bond - and I hope if you're evil» and said: «they can to release the name (Miss Funny Funny )».,watch video for Kelly Brook on the sea
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Jumana Murad impair impress their audience and some make fun of them

Published Syrian actress Jumana Murad her own picture on the front of social networking site, where wore the mantle of violet color appear more transparent mask.
Joumana wanted to congratulate the new public,Comments poured on image mismatch is expressed admiration for their beauty and some scoffed at the picture and I consider inappropriate and harm,watch vedio Joumana wearing a transparent cloak
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Boldly severe ..Farah Yusuf publish the picture without wearing makeup ..watch

Young Syrian artist not only so much of surprises, where he published pictures of her from her bedroom and wears the 'pajama' pink, so I took a swaying in front of the camera, images were received impressive audience.watch Farah Yusuf publish the picture without wearing makeup
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Arab prince paid 500 thousand dollars for 15 minutes of Kristen Stewart

The media reported that one of the Arab princes asked to pay $ 500 thousand compared to meet actress Kristen Stewart also said producer of her latest movie "Harvey Weinstein"
The Voice of Russia reported, and declared its consent to an interview Prince for 15 minutes only for 500 thousand dollars,watch actress Kristen Stewart in the movie Twilight
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