Saturday, May 25, 2013

Image patches of ink has been dropped into the water basin

The owner of this creative work is the artist " Mark Mawson a photographer specializing in photography under
Water has many creative businesses in this area, and has recently "Mark Mawson
Publish this collection of images in a new album called " Aqueous Fluoreau " to achieve
Tremendous prevalent over the Internet.

I did not find any technical details about how used by "Mark Mawson for this business creativity
It seems he preferred to keep her secret to himself, did little more than they are different types
The paint dumping in a basin of water and then picked up moments colliding with the bottom and ascent.
إقرأ المزيد... Résuméabuiyad .

Strange behavior veiled in the elevator !

Veiled in the elevator worked actions of weird and wonderful with a very young man who rode with the elevator on their own hard need very strange this video holds a goal and a difficult concept I wish everyone to Ifamo because he holds a wonderful message and change the background on women excavating in the community east, Watched the video: veiled with a young in elevator !!?
إقرأ المزيد... Résuméabuiyad .

The deepest pool in the world 'Nemo 33 in Brussels

Nemo the deepest pool in the world pool
Nemo 33 is also called is the deepest pool in the world and Aaka in Belgium and specifically in Brussels and is a diving center and learn scuba diving safely and easily!. The depth of the bathroom is 108 feet and at the end there is a large circular hole! And the total quantity of water absorbed about 2,500,000 liters. And more than that it is kept at a temperature suitable water, so as to be permanent temperature suitable for those immersed in the pool.watch  swimming pool in this video: The deepest pool in the world 'Nemo 33 in Brussels
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Video : The Dolphin wonderful

Dolphin coach during a presentation in one of the tourist places made ​​the dolphin embracing ..Explicitly offer more remarkable not miss view
Has been successfully!!?
Watch the video: The Dolphin wonderful
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I want a man even if he is a traitor

n the air in a very special dialogue on issues of prohibited Arab Lebanese channel spoke several bold girls and wives freely even said a Lebanese woman so bold I want a man even if he is a traitor!!Why say this talk in a very bold topic. Watch the video: I want a man even if he is a traitor!!?
إقرأ المزيد... Résuméabuiyad .

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