Saturday, March 30, 2013

Video: What angered Elisa from channel LBC?

By: Safaa Soleimani
She Lebanese singer Elissa jury member program X Factor displeasure program "just died homeland" which is broadcast on the channel LBC Lebanese, where it was displayed clip satire entitled (high art) combines program "X Factor" and "Arab Idol" title (Arp Factor) and the representatives tradition rulers funny names, dreams (nightmares), and Wael Kfoury (descending Alpajuri), and Nancy (and forget), and Elisa (malignant).
At the center of the episode artists who flocked provide Adoor contestants, went out "malicious" verbally abusive has coverage it by voice. This matter is exaggerated.
Success seems to be these days crime, in my power to say is that it is very nice and I felt pity for them
The audience demands Elisa channel LBC apology from the "Queen of sense."

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