Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Safinaz dancer top search engines in Egypt

Showed statistically, a subsidiary of Internet search engine Alshahyraly'' Google'', yesterday that the words'' Safinaz dancer and the October War, Media and cynical as Joseph'', the most in search of the famous search engine. Statistical explained, that the Egyptians are looking in the last 30 days for the words "October War, lower North, on behalf of Joseph, monitoring, Al Jazeera Sport, Al-Jazeera.".watch video Safinaz dancer in some Concerts

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Pictures: Kelly Brook fully undresses on the shore of Mexico

Under actress and model Kelly Brook British enjoyable vacation in Tulum in Mexico, the star aged 33 years monitored by paparazzi cameras lenses while topless on the beach there, where were you pal "salons" under the sun. watch video for Pictures: Kelly Brook fully undresses on the shore of Mexico

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Ola Ghanem did not felt regret any role I've done in the cinema

Confirmed Egyptian actress Ola Ghanem she waived her beauty to reflect its role in the series 'second wife'
Ola said she chose the artist Ayten Amer to embody the role of the artist Soad Hosni, noting that there were many choices,and its controversial film Ola said she's not regret any business, and did not disassociate itself from the movie as some popularized feelings for frequent criticism directed at him, but find that it is the story of a bold and feet exist in the society. watch video Ola Ghanem did not felt regret any role I've done in the cinema

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3 things for happy relationship

Things to Think About
Take stock of what is truly important in your life.  How would you spend your time if you had six months to live?  How would you think about you relationship differently?
Accept compromise and tolerate the persistent differences.  Most happy couples learn to live with significant differences about money, in-laws, vacations, household chores, etc.  Acknowledging the differences between the two of you does not have to mean you agree with them.
Identify and separate your frustrations.  Frustrations come from many sources, work, children, school etc.  Frustrations can come from the present and the past.  Avoid dumping frustrations on your partner that belong somewhere else.watch video : 3 things for happy relationship

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Nabila Obeid" and 60 Plastic surgery

Nabila Obeid artist, born January 21, 1945 ..
And varied roles and provided by the figures, was first discovered by Egyptian director is Atef Salmoukdamha in Vielmmavi understanding which led role Kkombars the silent, and then I got my first championship absolute in the fourth Adaweya film directed by Niazi Mostafa.
Nabila Obeid married discoverer Egyptian director Atef Salem in 1963 for five years and then divorced. And published a picture of her on the internet resent them, but until now did not really know what is this image,as explained in some programs watch video : Nabila Obeid" and 60 Plastic surgery
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Canadian commit suicide after being raped and publishing images on the Internet

Rita Parsons, a young Canadian twenties did not hesitate to commit suicide even for a moment , and after being hit over the past 18 months of rape at the hands of 4 young people. The Canadian girl surprised publish images during the rape in the social networking sites I tried to overcome it and underwent psychiatric treatment , but they eventually committed suicide by hanging herself in the bathroom of her home . It did not end at this point, despite the success of the perpetrators of impunity thanks to legal loopholes and skilled lawyers , but there is another party decided to revenge them. They are known hackers as "Aninemos" , and who attacked Israeli positions since the days of support for the Palestinian cause . The deployment of these " hackers " calls on the internet asking for providing them with any information about the perpetrators of any person known to him to avenge them. watch vedio: Canadian commit suicide after being raped and publishing images on the Internet

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Moved away from her fiance publish images on the Internet

Couples or friends separated from each other for different reasons, that it was because of infidelity, or violence, drugs or even because of an anonymous sms messages.
For reactions, some accept his share and pursue his life, while others despise his former companion and aims revenge. This man, for example, has published a pornographic photos of his fiancee prior to avenge them after the dissolution of their engagement! And private actors managed to arrest him and wiped

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Vezzon" raises the controversy in Costumes 2014

Criticized the citizens and artists appeared in the recent clothing and described by some Bamoria and exciting violate the Islamic headscarf in the Arab world, and was minks most controversial among young people, where some see as a personal freedom while he sees others as sexy and Mkhafillmpadi humanity and cause problems in the community.watch Strangest positions:"Vezzon raises the controversy in Costumes 2014.
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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

"Revolution of the people," restores Somia El-Khashab to sing

The artist returned, Khashab toxicity, to sing again by participating in the operetta "revolution of the people" who scored and pictures of the displays in conjunction with the celebrations of the Sixth of October.
It is noteworthy that the toxicity of Khashab appeared much lower than the weight which their work appeared last. watch video "Revolution of the people," restores Somia El-Khashab to sing
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