Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Try to make women feel romantic!

How to create a sense of romantic women
By Ron Louis and David Copeland
To seduce a woman, you should take them to another world, the world of romance, the poetry world.
Sometimes this happens automatically with a woman
If you have not felt this, there is nothing wrong, by following these simple guidelines, you can learn to create those special feelings.
* Always kept privy to the romantic ideas or attitudes.
You can train your mind is always looking for ways in which it is possible to create moments of romance.
Give the impression that you think about
Women feel to excellence, just like any other person does. 
Do something special and out of the ordinary
Do not take a woman to the same place that you go with friends, but take it to a place outside of the ordinary. Such as the cafe overlooking the river in a small town adjacent
Focused on the details
Women want "small things", so you should make sure that every small thing is true if you want to seduce a woman. Such as flowers and lit candles for the first time new, everything is clean, there is nothing dirty. Romance is in the details.



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