Wednesday, April 24, 2013

6 Girls Koreans stunning

Top of surprising and very wonderful view of girls from Korea ..Believe it or not ..6 Girls Koreyen, dancing and change at the same time, their clothing is what shows their body and can not see it!!. Watched the video: 6 girls Koreans stunning
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Masks incendiary of fat to body massage!!?

If you feel bored of Dieting and all ways slimming and obesity in certain areas and get rid of fat permanently so enjoy the beauty of your body and massage thicken the video LOSS any area you want to burn fat!!5 minutes in a certain way and see the result every day!!. Watch the video: Mask body massage
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The surprise of Jordanian actress Mais

Live in the largest programs in the Arab world offers talented actress Mais Hamdan New Event fascinates people by the time this wonderful talent and more tradition of one of the famous dancers. Watch the video on air with Mays Hamdan
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Jordanian announcer implicated on the air which read comments!!?

Ola Fares announcer which read comments forgot herself and said the suspension, big trouble and put themselves in it. I can not ratification of what she said. See the video Jordanian trouble announcer on air
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Strangest position in the wedding!!?

Newlyweds in their wedding ceremony worked something very strange and very bold occur in the wedding party hard-top laugh I do not understand how the groom agrees to do like that in the joy are downright Glad. Watched the video: a very strange position
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Motorcycle soft body Girls!!?

Crazy idea to catch the lights under the name of European art and creativity carried out by a group of girls without wearing soft clothes, just covering their body colors for the motorcycle industry bodies only in a very special way See so soft Genius. Watch the video:  Motorcycle soft body Girls!!?
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Monday, April 22, 2013

Problem on the air directly with Madeleine Matar in the Arabic program

Lebanese artist during a program hosted in Arabic raises a big problem with the announcer, guests and guest attacking Lebanese singer and then withdraw from the program and the announcer trying to reconcile them but did not succeed in that dialogue and ends to leave guests. watch this video: Problem on the air directly with Madeleine Matar in the Arabic program
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Turkish broadcaster beautiful fall from above !!

The announcer exercise played in the program, it was the laughter, play and then began to experience the game and were very enthusiastic and program Broadcaster other explain the game, he succeeded, but she come on did not succeed and then fall to the public and get to scream because of the high of falling saw it in this video : Turkish broadcaster beautiful fall from above !!
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position of the girl wearing Vezon

The prevalence of wear pants the Vezon to women the art center and the whole world ..And shows the beauty of women and femininity and there than among children, girls, and this video is comical position to  a girl wearing pants called Vezon : watch video:  position of the girl wearing Vezon
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Video: Announcer touches the back of Kim Karadchian to make sure they are natural

Seems to be back Kim Karadchian, excite the curiosity of many, where the television broadcaster to make sure of the fact that the back Kim !! watch the video

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The secret of the paint Haifa Wehbe in place would never expect!!?

Haifa Wehbe

Haifa Wehbe paint tattoos in places nobody imagined and all tattoos in a place other than the other ..Is characterized by the Haifa Wehbe Arab Lebanese actress in the recent period tattooed on her body and appeared in many concerts and  here : Watch the video: The secret of the paint Haifa Wehbe in place would never expect!!?
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Monday, April 8, 2013

First collision Tamer Hosni after his marriage to Basma!!

At the outset, Tamer Hosny hid his marriage to actress news Basma and this news sparked controversy and debate for fans of Tamer and appeared with his wife at a party ..But this strange Alfedo of its kind to Tamer after marrying Basma : watch video First collision Tamer Hosni after his marriage to Basma!! 
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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Dance and dress Haifa New Year’s Eve 2012

She Beirut. Worked in a small shop selling jewelry. Won a beauty contest to a Miss Lebanese south, but the prize is withdrawn because of the discovery of the organizers and a daughter from a previous marriage. Worked as a model agency in the struggle Bashrawi at the age of sixteen-year-old girl as she was announced and accounted for in the Declaration of "spaghetti Dana" the first and second partially on television Syrian 
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Daughter Hend Sabry for the first time in the media

Hend Sabri, represented by a Tunisian living in Egypt. I was born in (February 10, 1980 in a tribal state in southern Tunisia) has been known for their participation in the two filmmakers films season men and Silences of the Palace
Show girl Hend Sabry after birth Watch the exclusive video here: the daughter Hend Sabry
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