Thursday, December 20, 2012

Alia Mahdi's return either the Egyptian embassy in Sweden

Egyptian activist bared Alia Mahdi and activists belonging to the organization "one who" international women's rights advocate, in front of the Egyptian embassy in Stockholm a rejection of the Egyptian Constitution, on the eve of the second round of a referendum Saturday.
The Kiev-based organization said in a statement titled "Muhammad the end of the world" in reference to Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, posted on its website, The Nashtadtha and Egyptian activist "Tdaaan to say no to the Constitution of Sharia in Egypt."
The organization published pictures of the activist Egyptian has written on her naked body completely phrase "Sharia is not a constitution," and Atnyen of the organization took up placards reading "religion bondage" and "No religion" and Rarities on their bodies, "not for the Islamists yes-secular" and "end of the world


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