Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Nishan and him love

After he spoke a lot about his beloved unknowns that did not want to disclosed since hosted in a program for years, told Lebanese media Nishan recently been linked Baranja seven, media and casual fashion Lebanese love story is great, although the Nishan live amid artists beautiful and Famous and singleHowever, only one drew his attention.

Rania seven might not know many people, but also remembers many, they are the same girl incurring a lot of viewers in the Arab world when «burned nerves» Caesar song Kazem El Saher in his masterpiece famous «I and Leila», due to the splendor of the performance Saher for his song, even in performance analog the video clip, which was presented to Arab screens in 1999 and was awarded the best video clip photographer of the year 1999, he commented in mind Model, Rania seven, which was accompanied by Kazim.

Rania worked as a model for 12 years and then became a broadcaster «er. Seen. T and worked at Rotana. 
watch video:

Nishan and him love 


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