Saturday, March 30, 2013

Mounir attend a surprise for his fans with MBC

In a surprise not been announced full details yet, signed by the artist Muhammad Munir contract with MBC TV network, to offer a new program through the screens.
Channel management and revealing so far all the details of the new program, and refuses to give any information concerning him, until the time comes from its point of view.
On the other hand, rumors indicate that Munir will join the jury Arabs Got Talent.
Also preparing Ganges to descend a guest Mona Shazly media in its milieu "inter helpful", but has not been announced for the final date yet.
Munir said earlier to Asharq Al Awsat readiness for the processing of the second part of his song famous "Ezay" which was considered an icon of the Egyptian revolution despite ask before it erupted in the twenty-fifth of January 2011.


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