Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Arab artists: Baseem Al Rais’ artworks play with heroic and monstrous techniques

Syrian artist Baseem Al Rais is popular for his paintings which, according to many, either depict an unrealistic hero or a monster.

“Many people have pale eyes, and it is rare to see somebody with a glowing look reflecting the stamina, vitality and love of life with all the tiny details,” said Rais, defending himself.

Rais, who was born in 1970, holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in agricultural engineering from the Damascus University. He is also a member of the Fine Arts Association in Damascus in Syria and the Emirates Fine Arts Association in Sharjah as well.

Critics believe the characters in Rais’ masterpieces undergo a transformation through real human traits applied with the sincerity of transparency and cordiality to being interpreted as unfulfilled dreams and shattered hopes.

“The characters are bustling with life, unshackled of all ties, brushstrokes are liberated from the academic rules and the colors are more joyful. It is a revolution,” explained Rais.

He also uses his narrative side in creating artworks, giving his viewers the opportunity to see his inner being through his paintings which the artist believes sends in a message to his fans.

“Evidently, all the people I have seen for a long time do lack the glow in their eyes,” said the artist.



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