Thursday, February 7, 2013

How you find sunglasses appropriate for you online or in local retailer

First consider what specific style of retro sunglasses you'd like. Once you've established a style of choice, you should have little difficulty finding the sunglasses you're looking for online or at a local retailer.
Retro Styles
Some of the most popular retro styles are the teashade style, the aviator and the wayfarer. Teashade sunglasses, popularized by John Lennon, are small and have wire-rimmed, circular frames that are often paired with colorful lenses. The Olsen twins rock teashade sunglasses, bringing back the rocker chic shades.
Aviator sunglasses have a much larger frame with darker or reflective lens, making them more practical for use in sun shading and setting them apart from the teashade style. The wayfarer style, famously worn by the Blues Brothers, and now worn by hipsters across the globe, usually consists of plastic, rounded-square shaped frames. You might recognize the classic, black Ray-Ban style worn by many celebs and Urban Outfitter shoppers, alike.
Buying Online
After you've decided what type of glasses to buy, you can research, compare and purchase retro sunglasses at online auction sites and merchants. Modern adaptations of retro styles are available through most major fashion retail sites, though authentic vintage glasses are readily available. Vintage sunglasses are quite expensive, but you may be able to find a deal through internet trading posts and auctioneers.
Buying in Person
A great place to find retro sunglasses is your local second-hand clothing shop. Here you might find modern recreations of vintage styles, even the odd authentic pair, and have the option to try before you buy. Modern glasses in retro styles, complete with modern UV protection, are also worth considering. These combine vintage fashion with modern practicality and are available at many major fashion retailers and department stores.

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