Thursday, November 8, 2012

Recipes soften hands

Do you know that you can determine the age of the woman and the nature of her personality and even social level just by looking at her hands and see how interest Balidn and nail in the sense that the beauty of a woman is reflected clearly on the soft and supple hands and get the full hands soft and elegant nails you these recipes.
Honey lotion to the beauty of your hands:
-1.5 Teaspoon honey bees.
-10 Tablespoons of rose water.
-4 Tablespoon glycerin.
- Half teaspoon white vinegar.
Preparation and use:
Heat honey over low heat until completely liquefied and then mixed with the rest of the ingredients, preserves the product in the bottle.
If the hands have been already at the stage of drought and cracking and thus roughness, the solution is left in warm water for several minutes and then Ajaffaha towel cotton soft and then massage the fingers well layer of cream containing a high percentage of glycerol with keep them away from water for long periods and repeat this operation times until you get rid of dead skin and you can use rubber gloves as much as possible
Lotion of apostasy for coarse hands:
Fill the hands of a handful of apostasy.
-4 Tablespoons apple cider vinegar.
4/3 liters of boiling water.
Preparation and use:
Pour boiling water over the apostasy, and leave the vessel for a period of 9 12 hours to apostasy soaked with water, filtered soaked, and add the apple cider vinegar.
This saves lotion in a bottle and used the excellent preparation of lotions to get rid of the roughness of hands.
Wash fruits to whiten your hands:
8 tablespoons rose water.
-3 Tablespoons glycerin.
- 3 tbsp pure alcohol.
- Juice of one lemon tablespoon apple cider vinegar.
Preparation and use
Mix ingredients together and shake well and kept in a bottle and used a day before going to sleep, it maintains the softness hands as he ovary.
General advice to the beauty of your nails:
1 - Cut nails regularly from external parties.
2 - not to abuse drugs, especially antibiotics only when needed, and consult a doctor.
3 - Avoid contaminated materials, pigments, when used gloves should be worn to prevent.
4 - Use Nail cosmetics particular caution and avoid the use of supplements nails topical as possible.
5 - Use emollients after the nails dipped in water for a long time and after drying.
6 - choosing the right diet that must be integrated contain some protein as well as vitamins and minerals.
7 - Do not prolong the nail than it can bear any that can be lengthened, but to the degree that allows its existence almost straight while avoiding length that increases degree Tqosha as it Islamic duty and not exceed for ا 40 days.
8 - Do not use more than one type nail polish in one time and avoid remove it using its own more removers at frequent intervals.


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