Thursday, November 8, 2012

Methods of preserving the lips smooth without any cracks during winter

Lips more expresses Onottk, a very thin area of the face do not contain any fat or glands, so it is always prone to cracking and dehydration as a result influenced by the atmosphere and other factors, such as:
- Smoking.
- Malnutrition.
- Psychological pressure.
- Exposure to the sun for a long time.
- Sucking lips tongue constantly.
- The use of lipstick from poor brand.
To avoid the problem of chapped lips must avoid these factors with the use of some natural recipes for treating chapped lips.
- Sweet almond oil and rose oil .. Grease Lips 3 times daily with sweet almond oil or oil of roses.
- Rosewater .. Possible Trdoba lips every day of cloth wet with rose water.
- Olive oil or petroleum jelly .. Possible Tdwi very small amount of olive oil or petroleum jelly that you Tahtém pending small and Tqrbém of fire for 5 seconds, and Tdhenne lips Bayhoum before growing.
- Be sure to keep a good lipstick kind and contains vitamin e.

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