Thursday, November 8, 2012

Google Nexus 10 table is finally available at stores

The Google Nexus 10 table is finally available, giving tablet buyers a chance to try a mobile device that does have an Apple logo on it.
It won’t be long now until Google launches its Nexus 10. The company plans to offer the 16GB tablet on Nov. 13 for $399 in its Google Play store. Already, reviews are coming in discussing some of the device’s bright spots and shortcomings. Like every other slate on the market, including Apple’s iPads, the Nexus 10 isn’t perfect, reviewers say. However, it might be a worthwhile buy for at least some customers.
With that in mind, it’s a good time to discuss some of the Nexus 10’s highlights. Although it’s not as powerful as Apple’s fourth-generation iPad and lacks the 4G LTE service that customers would have liked to have seen, the Nexus 10 offers some nice features that can’t go overlooked. Plus, it’s being offered by Google, which immediately lends it a bit more credibility in tablet shoppers’ minds than a Barnes & Noble or Vizio model. Simply put, the Nexus 10 might actually have some nice things going for it.
So, let’s take an in-depth look at the Nexus 10 and highlight some of the features that make it a worthwhile choice for some consumers:
1. It has a bigger screen than the iPad
At its iPad Mini event, Apple touted the vastly increased screen real estate customers get 7.9-inch slate compared to those running with a 7-inch screen. Given that logic, wouldn’t Google’s 10-inch Nexus 10 then beat the fourth-generation iPad in terms of viewable space? Those who want a bigger screen and the ability to see more of a Web page or video might want to opt for Google’s tablet.
2. Who can have issue with that price?
Google’s Nexus 10 costs $399, making it $100 cheaper than Apple’s comparably equipped WiFi-only iPad. Better yet, Google’s slate is only $70 more expensive than Apple’s low-end iPad Mini. Given that spectrum, Google’s Nexus 10 looks awfully appealing.
3. It’s a natural choice for Android devotees
There are many customers out there that only like the default versions of Android. For those folks, the Nexus 10 is an ideal choice. The tablet runs the standard Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean), complete with an improved interface and multiple user support. Other vendors deliver Android versions that are modified from the default option. Google doesn’t. And for many folks, that’s a good thing.
4. More pixels per inch than the big iPad
Google was quick to point out that its Nexus 10 comes with over 300 pixels per inch, besting the iPad’s 264 pixels per inch. What that means is the Nexus 10 will theoretically deliver better video and image quality than Apple’s option. Whether customers will be able to see a major difference, however, remains to be seen.
5. MIMO WiFi is a nice addition
The Multiple-input, Multiple-output (MIMO) WiFi built into the Nexus 10 is something that should be considered when deciding on the device’s value. With MIMO, the tablet can handle more bandwidth throughput than customers would typically find on a wireless-G network. It’s able to do that with wireless-N support. Granted, it would be better to have LTE support, but since it doesn’t, this is the next best thing.
6. Multiple user sign-on
As noted, Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean) comes with support for multiple users. That’s a boon for Android customers that are frustrated by Apple’s lack of support for that feature. Upon clicking a user’s photo, all of their individual preferences and personal profile will pop up on the Nexus 10. When done, another person can sign on and get on their profile.
7. Google app integration
Google has done a fine job of bolstering its many services to increase the overall value and usability of its products. The Nexus 10 takes advantage of that with built-in support for everything from Gmail to Google’s eBook marketplace. Customers that love Google services will adore the Nexus 10.
8. The Google Play store is growing
In addition, Google’s Nexus 10 will come with support for the Google Play store. In that marketplace, Google continually adds applications supporting Android devices. Google’s marketplace is currently closing in on Apple’s app tally of 800,000 programs and could hit one million by next year. Look for the Nexus 10 to take advantage of that.
9. Near-field communication with Android Beam
Near-field communication support is arguably the biggest omission in any Apple products. However, the technology is available in the Nexus 10, allowing users to wirelessly transmit data from one Android-based device to another. Near-field communication might still be in its infancy, but it makes using devices much easier.
10. The design isn’t so bad
Google’s Nexus 10 won’t win any awards for elegant design, but that doesn’t really matter. For the price and feature set, the design, which includes a black bezel and rounded corners, gets the job done. Apple might still be winning on design, but for overall functionality and usability, it’s hard to not like what Google’s offering in the Nexus 10.



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