Saturday, November 2, 2013

Halloween Witch is celebrated with a new interactive Google doodle

Google wants to have some Halloween fun with a new interactive doodle which featured on the Google search page on Thursday, October 31.
The Google doodle features a witch flipping through pages of a book about witchcraft. The witch then starts brewing a potion and four interactive buttons with images of a bone, skull, a glass bottle and an apple appear. Adding a combination of any two ingredients by clicking on them results in appearance of different Halloween related animated visuals appearing including pumpkins, white ghost spirits, slides and coffins with mummies, among others. The visuals are also accompanied by a spooky sound.
In addition to the interactive doodle, Google has also added quirky easter eggs for search terms like 'witch','ghost', 'evil' 'robot', 'skeleton', and 'grim reaper' among others. On searching for these terms Google offers fun light-hearted trivia on these in its knowledge graph box located at the right hand side.
Halloween or 'All Hallows Eve' is celebrated in many countries on October 31. The festival is thought to have been influenced by All Saints' Day marked as November 1 and All Souls Day falling on November 2. Halloween came to America only during the 19th century after the mass Scottish and Irish immigration.
Pumpkins are considered to be synonymous with Halloween, however, traditionally people in living in Ireland and Scotland used to engrave Turnips. Immigrants to America started to use pumpkins as they were bigger, softer and thus easier to crave than turnips.
Some of the common Halloween activities include trick or treating by children dressed in their favourite costumes, costume parties, pumpkin carving contests and even playing pranks. Keeping up with the spooky theme, people usually dress up as supernatural figures such as vampires, monsters, ghosts, skeletons, witches, or devils. Have you picked out your Halloween costume yet?


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