Tuesday, July 2, 2013

'Ilham Shaheen': I'm fine .. And broken feet ' Samah Anwar' because imaging

Confirmed star Ilham Shaheen in a statement for "The Seventh Day" was no truth at all what was raised on some websites and their vulnerability to attack with the artist to allow Anwar because of political positions and that it boils down to in an accident at the site of filming the series "theory of guava" in Media Production.

She Shaheen, they were not at the scene of the base and that the incident that took place was great extent, which caused injury to the artist to allow Anwar broken foot and she went to the hospital and placed by plaster, there are cases in some of the photographers and a number of other workers miniseries will follow their condition to determine the injuries they have suffered.

The actress Ilham Shaheen demanded at the end of her speech for the "seventh day" of the need shown incorrect news sites instead of sedition and talk about things did not happen.

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