Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Biography of the artist, "Menna Fadalle" star Arabic

Egyptian actress, her full name "Menna Sami Vdhala, the", was born on September 4, 1983 in Cairo, graduated from the Faculty of Tourism and Hotels, also received a bachelor's degree in film directing. I knew "Menna" behavior is calculated, especially with regard to events and wild parties, and the latest of which was gala birthday by wearing the sexy clothes, and danced in it madly, in addition to concerts engagement, which often ends secession, where he was betrothed for each of the "just my right" and "Mohammed Ziauddin." Began "Menna Vdhala" her career when presented her mother, who works as an assistant director to director "Majdi Abu Amira," which was assigned a role in the series "Where My Heart" in 2002, followed by participation in the series "People in Kafr Askar" and the series "Hamza and his daughters, five" . Rolled on the young artist a lot of offers and made many television business and cinema, of the leading business television "demons tourism" and "Baba Also fourth" and "Oh responded Maine Istraek" and "Dreams of Hind Khashab" and "wealth other accounts" and " Railway Hilali "and" eyes and ashes "and" Window on the World "and" Heart of a Woman "and" King Farouk "and" Uday day "and" wall of the heart "and" killer unpaid "and" Yes I still miss "and" ultimate love "and" The Thief and the book "and" October the other. " Among the most prominent film business "is any?" And "Basha pupil" and "Ghost" and "Night sweet love" and "Mafish the Faida" and "Karaoke" and "crazy text com" and "a crisis of honor" and "light eyes" and "Dealer"

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